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About Stratus

There are many financial advisors available to help people with financial planning and investment management (some, of course, are better than others). And there are any number of operational consultants, management consultants, and valuation analysts who can help entrepreneurs and business owners with operational and succession planning issues.

What we do at Stratus, however, is extremely rare. We do all of the above – financial planning, investment management, business continuity, succession planning, and business valuation – and we are able to integrate it all when that’s what is needed.

What we know from our years of working with business owners is that the overlap of business and personal considerations is a constant. What would it be like if you could reach out to a single resource to help you address and resolve all of the issues in your financial life? Our clients tell us that it offers a refreshing level of comfort and confidence that they deeply appreciate.

If you’d like to know what that experience feels like, give us a call. We’d love to take a weight off your shoulders.

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