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The Independent Business Owner's
Essential Planning Kit:

Continuity and Succession Planning Tools for Smart Entrepreneurs

Business Owner Planning KitRunning a business isn’t easy. Between managing inventory, employees, vendors, and customers (not to mention driving overall company strategy), there typically is not a lot of time left to think about your personal and professional future. What does retirement look like for you? What legacy do you want to leave in your community? How does your business align with your personal goals? What is your business worth and who represents the next generation of leadership?

At Stratus Wealth Advisors, the largest asset for most business owners we work with is the value of their company. It also happens to be an illiquid asset, meaning that if it is going to be turned into cash to support your retirement goals, a well thought out plan needs to be implemented years in advance so that when you are ready to transition ownership, your company can benefit the three most important stakeholders: you and your family, the incoming owner(s), and your loyal employees and customers.

Since most business owners will only transition ownership of their company once in their lifetime, Stratus Wealth Advisors has put together "The Independent Business Owner's Essential Planning Kit" to help you begin the process of succession planning. We believe that starting early and having the right team in place is key to maximizing the value of your business. Therefore, we are happy to share some tips and tools with you based on our years of work helping independent business owners coordinate and implement a succession plan that works for them, their families, and their business.

This kit includes our Business Continuity Plan Checklist, Activities and Services Analysis, Hypothetical Ownership Transition Timeline, Ownership Transition Options Chart, Initial Documents for Your Business Valuation Checklist, and Buy-Sell Agreement Checklist – download all of these helpful resources by filling out the form below!

Watch a short video of Stratus Founder
Sam Brownell discussing the kit: 

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