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Stratus Valuation

It’s easy to become so focused on the everyday challenges of your business that you lose sight of the longer-term strategy. Do you want to be able to focus more on strategy and growth?

Many of our clients own businesses and look to us to help them and their families consider, analyze and implement critical business decisions, including:

Business Valuation

  • Maximizing a company’s value prior to a sale
  • Ownership structure decisions
  • Valuation analysis, which may include Discounted Cash Flow, Capitalization of Earnings, Adjusted Net Assets and/or Market Comps (when available)

Tax Strategy

  • Coordinate business and personal tax strategies to mitigate impact
  • Consult on decisions regarding related entities and property ownership
  • Analyze impact of mergers, acquisitions and sales on your family and your business

Financial Strategy

  • Identifying key growth drivers for your business and creating a growth plan for you to implement
  • Risk management and protection (buy/sell agreements, wills, trusts)
  • Insurance policy analysis and implementation (key “man” policies, Director and Officer policies)

Ever wonder how you’re going to grow your business?

Running a business isn’t always easy. Your company depends on you to be at your best every day in order to make it work. It used to be fun, but now... the day-to-day demands on your time are making it harder for you to be more strategic with your time.

Would you like to understand which areas of your business may be holding back your company’s growth? Even better, armed with that knowledge, would you like to know what it will take to grow your company to a size that will ultimately help you achieve your retirement goals? When you reach out to us for a complimentary consultation, we'll help you determine:

  • How well your company understands and follows best practices 
  • Which areas of your company provide the greatest growth potential 
  • Where there may be risk in your business today
  • How your risks and challenges compare to others in your industry 
  • What your business could be worth if you address any troubled areas

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