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Stratus Capital Management

Individuals & Families

When it comes to implementing the investment strategy delineated in your financial plan, our approach is to create a broadly diversified portfolio designed to minimize risk and maximize after-tax returns. We believe in an evidence-based investment approach founded on the Nobel-Prize-winning work of Eugene Fama and his research partner Kenneth French.

Basically, there are two approaches to managing investments – active management and evidence-based (sometimes referred to as “passive” or index investing). While active managers tend to believe that they can beat the market, evidence-based management is about achieving the returns of the financial markets. Academic studies show that active strategies often under-perform index investing, due to misguided market timing, excessive trading and high fees.

We are committed to evidence-based strategies, including the opportunity to customize portfolios based on asset allocation, one of the most important decisions in the investment process. The risk-based diversification provided by asset allocation can enhance returns by prudently taking risk. This type of strategy requires systematic rebalancing, thus it is not a strictly passive, buy-and-hold approach.

Retirement Plans

We set up and manage retirement plan assets for small- and medium-sized businesses. We work closely with third party administrators and recordkeepers and are focused on ensuring that the plans are cost-effective and compliant.

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